Auger Cast Piling

Where soil conditions are not so favorable and the job site is accessible, auger cast piles are both a cost efficient and effective mean of foundation piling. Knowing that the quality of the auger cast piling strongly depends on the skill and expertise of the contractor, Provencher Piers is well versed in foundation stabilization and a proven leader in the Northwest Florida area.

Auger cast pile driving is an activity or operation performed by drilling into the ground with a hollow stemmed continuous flight auger to the required depth or degree of resistance. No casing is required. A concrete mix is then pumped down the stem of the auger. While the concrete is pumped, the auger is slowly withdrawn, lifting the spoil on the flights. Reinforcing steel is then lowered into the wet concrete, and a shaft of fluid concrete is formed to ground level. Auger cast piles cause minimal disturbance and are often used for noise and environmentally sensitive sites.