Steel Piling

Structural steel piles have been made from structural steel shapes for over one hundred twenty-five years. They are commonly rolled steel that is formed into an “H” cross-sectional shape, “I” beams have also been used. Structural steel piles are non-displacement piles. These have an advantage of high strength-to-weight ratio, great bending resistance, ease of splicing for longer lengths and (by their nature) lower rates of solid displacement to affect adjacent areas.

Supplied in a wide range of sizes, Steel H piles can be driven to great depths and can be designed to provide high bending and tensile capacities. Steel H can be supplied with coated surfaces to cater for both ground conditions capable of inducing negative skin friction and aggressive soils. Steel H piles are easy to handle and driving does not cause large soil displacements, therefore, ground heave can be minimal, with minimum site disruption and no added expense of site clean up.